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Against The Rising Sun
Leo Burke learned to fly when he was young, joined the Army Air Corps while young, and witnessed the horrors of air combat as a young man. The 1937 air war over China made a hero out of him, but it almost cost him his life. Three years later, Lee runs afoul with mafia boss Victor “Black Hat” Scarletti and crooked FBI agent Arlen Tate. His only recourse to escape death or prison is to return to the country where he'd been grievously injured fighting...
The Fuhrer's Gold
Major James S. Miller knew his posting of the 231st Composite Squadron based at Gonteega, Liberia in the Spring of 1943 was to be his only command opportunity. Only the intervention by higher authorities friendly to Miller made such a posting possible. Disaster, alcohol, divorce and hard luck had been Miller's wingmen for some time. First impressions of his new command appeared to offer no recourse; derelict aircraft, a run down airstrip, impossibly y...