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Bad Girl
Windy is the head of the Las Vegas Police Departments Forensics Lab. An entire family gets murdered in their own home. At first it seems random but then another happens. Windy starts picking up on clues leading to the killer. It seems the killer is staying 'true to home'. She discovers the killer has lived there or near each crime scene. The deranged killer poses the bodies of the victims and sets a mirror in front of them so that the killer can see what...
Ballantine, Jun 2004, 14.95 ISBN: 0345459237 Though the Las Vegas police believe that nuclear physicist Rosalind Carnow is a kidnap victim, the FBI knows she is the latest abduction of the deadly Hide and Seek serial killer Loverboy, who enjoys playing games by sending a collage of clues to the Feds. The FBI wants former agent Imogen Page, mourning the death of her brother, to lead the investigation because she has had the only success in interp...