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The story begins in 1945 when twelve-year-old Rusty Dickinson returns to Devon near the end of the Second World War. Five years ago she had been living away from the bombs in America, where she had grown up with a large, almost Bohemian family. She arrives to a war-torn England, where she suddenly feels alone and does not know even her mother very well. Rusty struggles to settle down to her new life, finding the differences between England and America un...
Goodnight Mister Tom
Tom Oakley is an old widower who has been reclusive since his wife died during childbirth. He lives in a small village called Little Weirwold where the Second World War is just beginning to have a slight effect on all the peaceful inhabitants. Almost out of the blue, a weak, sickly eight-year-old boy is billeted with Tom. Little William Beech is a frightened illiterate Londoner who was regularly beaten by his religious mother. At first Tom is very nervo...