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A Clean Kill
Putnam, Jan 2002, 24.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0399148943 Kate Baneberry, tired after a long day of jury duty, only wants to get home, eat and go to bed. She manages to convince herself that nobody is in the house with her after hearing strange noises. The next day she is taken to the hospital suffering from symptoms of food poisoning and with treatment she seems to be on the road to recovery until she suffers an unexpected fatal heart attack. ...
Dog Island
Putnam, Feb 2000,23.95, 326 pp. ISBN: 0399146458 Nine months ago, attorney Tom McInnis left his six-digit job at a prestigious law firm to return home to the Mobile Bay area to investigate the murder of his brother. Two months after his sibling's death, someone kills the artist-husband of Susan Fitzsimmons. Tom sees a connection between the two murders. He directs his inquiries that way, stirring up a hornet's nest (see SINS OF THE BROTHER...