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Season Of Sacrifice
Roc, Jan 2002, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 0451458656 To the people of the Headland of Slaughter, there is nothing more important than The Tree. The villagers of this small-secluded hamlet make their living through the bounty of the sea and are dependent upon the Tree to keep the fisherfolk safe. The Woodsinger is the villager who communicates with the tree through the bavins it grows enabling her to guide the fisherfolk on the water. The nomi...
The Glasswright's Journeyman - Glasswright Saga 3
Roc, June 2002, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 0451458842 In the kingdom of Moren, the capital city of Morenia is almost burnt to the ground by a fire whose origins are shrouded in mystery. King Hal, once thought daft by his own people, wants to rebuild the city but his coffers are practically bare. The people who helped put the fire out are suffering and dying from a plague known as firelung. When the disease spreads to other castes and classes, Hal bo...
The Glasswright's Test
Roc, June 2003, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 00451459318 Eleven years ago, Rani was at the wrong place at the wrong time and as the results of her actions the Glasswright's Guild was destroyed, its guildhall torn down, and its members tortured then sent into exile. Rani stayed in the kingdom of Morenia and became close friends of the king. She worked to build up a new Glasswright's Guild and she sponsored a troupe of entertainers, one of which, Tovin be...
The Glasswright's' Master
Roc. June 2004, 6.99, 340 pp. ISBN: 0451459822 The kingdom of Morenia ruled by King Hal is under siege by a fleet of Liantine ships blockading the harbor and a Briantan army surrounding the city. A battering ram is being used to open the gates to the city while the army of Morenia is getting ready to fight. Their efforts are doomed by traitors from within the castle so King Hal, his wife, Rani Trader and a few trusted allies flee through a secr...

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The Glasswrights' Apprentice
In the land of Morenia people are born into one of four castes. Rani was born into the merchant caste, but she is so skilled with artwork, her family pays a huge sum of money to buy her an apprenticeship into the glasswrights guild. Her guild has been working on a stained glass window for presentation day, where the beloved Prince Tuvashanoran will be anointed Defender of the Faith. Rani has been sent to deliver lunch to the master working on the fini...

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