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The Very Comely Countess
Sonnet, Oct 2001, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0743417933 In 1799 London, William Manderville an Earl concludes that the actresses he uses to cover his government work on the French coast are failures. He needs someone different and thinks he found his answer in the drawing done by a Duchess of an orange seller commoner. When William finds the orange seller Harriet Treene he shows her the picture saying his friend will pay her if she poses as a mode...
The Very Daring Duchess
Pocket, Sep 2001, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0743417925 In 1798 Naples, English sea Captain Edward Winterworth meets Naples Signora Francesca Robin at her art gallery. They are immediately attracted to one another, but Edward acts nasty and somewhat aloof towards her believing she is just another local con artist scamming His Majesty's sailors. When Napoleon threatens Naples, the English fleet decides to evacuate the area. A half-English pe...