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Five People You Meet in Heaven
Hyperion, Sept 2003, 19.95, 196 ISBN:0786868716 Eddie had worked for years at maintenance at Ruby Pier Amusement Park insuring the rides were safe for patrons. Though he did his job meticulously and everyone kind of knew Eddie, adults never took him seriously. Children seem to like him but even Eddie when he became an octogenarian reflecting b...
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
It is about life after death The story begins with the death of Eddie the maintenance in charge of an amusement park in an accident. Eddie dies and goes to heaven. There one by one he meets five people who in some way or other influenced his life. They each teach him something important. The first person he meets is the Blue Man. In conversation with him he gets to know that as a child playing with a ball Eddie was responsible for a car accident th...
Tuesdays with Morrie
A true story of the meaning of life put into 192 pages might seem unimaginable, but Mitch Albom does it all. Telling his story about a teacher who changed his life by showing him the true reasons we were put here, and the things we should cherish. Albom starts as an average journalist to find that his favorite college professor is dying. He travels many miles and meets with his old teacher every Tuesday, and Morrie, his old professor teaches him new thin...