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The Emerald Cavern
Eos, Jan 2004, 7.99, 455 pp. ISBN 006050676x Nobody knows much about the Ancients except that their minds were so powerful that they had the mental ability to change energy into matter. However with all their power they still ended up destroying themselves. All that is left of them are some ancient ruins and eight rose gold rings that give the wearer the ability to use their minds in ways similar to the ancients. Thanks to the rose gold ring th...
The Fifth Ring
This is an epic adventure of a young boy named Mathew Lewin who finds a ring created by his ancestors. No ordinary ring, it enables him to turn thought into matter. Through a bizzare series of events Mathew is set against the evil Karas Duren, king of the neighboring country, who wants not only to destroy Mathew's country, but to eliminate its very existence. With Duren and the shadowy, cannabalistic Orlocks chasing him, for reasons Mathew cannot u...