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Death in Zanzibar
This is a 1950s British murder mystery with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. Dany Ashton is traveling alone (gasp!) to meet her stepfather and mother at the family home in Zanzibar. She stays in a hotel overnight in London before flying out, gets accidentally locked out of her room, meets a man in the hallway who assists her only to find that her room has been ransacked, someone has stolen her passport and planted murder evidence there. Dany ...
The Far Pavilions
Ashton, also known as Ashok, is born in India. His parents are an aristocratic English couple. When the boy is 6, cholera breaks out and kills everyone except for himself and his Hindu nurse. The nurse raises Ashton as her own son. He has a dark complexion, not so dark as the locals but enough to pass for one from the Northern parts of the country where people are paler. Aston thinks himself an Indian, and when he is told that he is actually British he s...
The Ordinary Princess
Princess Amethyst, or simply Amy, is the seventh daughter of King Hulderbrand and Queen Rodehesia in the kingdom of Phantasmorania. Amy's sisters, all named after different jewels, are what a fairy tale princess must be: charming and graceful angel-like beauties with golden curls. Amy isn't. When Amy was born and fairies were invited to bless the baby with their special gifts, one of them happened to be in a bad mood and bestowed on the baby princess a m...