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Barney's Version
Barney Panofsky tells his life story, complete with three wives, three children, and a possibly murdered best friend. Barney Panofsky is a hard living, curmudgeonly television producer, and “Barney's Version” is the story of his life's successes and failures, professional and personal. Married three times and now facing his own mortality combined with Alzheimer's disease, Barney has a lot of story to tell. When we meet Barney, he is living with his best...
Solomon Gursky Was Here
A biographer becomes obsessed with tracking down his subject, Solomon Gursky, who is supposedly dead. “Solomon Gursky was here” is the story of three generations of a Jewish family in Canada, through the eyes of the aspiring biographer of one significant member of the family. Moses Berger is an alcoholic writer who has become obsessed with the life and fate of the mysterious Solomon Gursky. He traces the history of the family in hopes of understanding hi...
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
The main character is Duddy Kravitz, a young man on the verge of graduating high school. Duddy lives in the St. Urbain neighbourhood of Montreal in the ‘40s, and the novel takes place in the city and in the resort areas of the Laurentian mountains where Duddy works after graduating high school. Duddy is a con artist, ruthless entrepreneur, thief and forger. When he was young, his grandfather told him that “a man without land is nobody.” Duddy took that ...