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1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion
After the death of his parents, Ned Halloran enrolls at Saint Enda's school in Dublin. There he becomes inspired by his head master, Patrick Pearse, to help fight for the freedom of Ireland. Llywelyn place's the compeling story of Ned's journey amist the history of Ireland's 1916 Easter Rebellion....
In this sequel to Llywelyn's 1916 you get to see the Irish civil war through the eye's of Ned's (the main character of 1916) best friend, Henry Mooney. Henry, a thirty-something journalist, is interested in keeping the facts stright and fighting on the side of Ireland and during the hardest time in Ireland's history he falls in love with an Anglo-Irish widow in Dublin....
1949: A Novel of the Irish Free State
1949 continues Llywelyn's book series about Ireland in the 20th century. In this book the main character is Ursula Halloran, Ned Halloran's (the main character from the first of the series 1916) adopted daughter who he saved from the streets of Ireland when she was only four. Ursula is a very independent woman in a time in Ireland when woman are just expected to marry and have children. After attending school in Switzerland she comes home to Ireland only...
Lion Of Ireland
Tor, Mar 2002, 15.95, 444 pp. ISBN: 9765302578 In the tenth century, the Norsemen assault the minor relatively peaceful Irish Clan. They pilfer, rape, and randomly kill without a second thought. Observing the cruel attack in shock is a young lad, Brian mac Cennedi. He vows that one day there will be vengeance for the wanton death and destruction that the marauders brought to his clan. As he grows into adulthood, Brian never forgot h...

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