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Perfect Trust
Willow Tree Press, July 2002, 5.95 369 pp. ISBN 099678219X Ten months have passed since Rowan Gant, a witch, brought down serial killer Eldon Andrew Porter. Everyone else, including the police, thinks Porter is dead, but Rowan knows he's alive and when the time is right he is going to go after him again. In the meantime Rowan and his wife Felicity are doing their best to live a normal life. Up until two months ago, Rowan was largely succeedi...
The Law of Three
Willow Tree Press, July 2003, 18.95, 333 pp. ISBN 0967822173 His sole mission in life is to kill all the witches who live in St. Louis especially Rowan Gant, a follower of Wicca. Rowan is a high profile witch who acts as a police consultant in cases involving the paranormal. Last year Eldon Porter, after successfully torturing and killing witches according to the methods used during the Inquisition, came within inches of murdering Rowan. The w...