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Second to None
This is the second book in the Delancey Brothers series, in which three siblings run a winery they've inherited. Policeman Mike has left his job as a hostage negotiator to work with his brothers. At the winery, he meets Veronica, a former nun who plans to run a daycare center on the premises. Although they are attracted to each other and quickly become friends, Mike has no plans ever to marry, because of the guilt he feels about a hostage situation ...
Third Wise Man
This is the third and last installment of the "Delancey Brothers" series, about three brothers who decide together to run the Oregon winery they inherited. Youngest brother Shea left his career as a California chef to cook for the winery. He also left behind his ex-grilfriend, Samantha, for whom he still carries a torch. One night, he sees her on TV, as her wealthy family is experiencing severe financial difficulties. He also sees that Samantha has...