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Alan and Naomi
Alan Silverman worries that he's too different from the other boys. He studies, he's not the bravest boy in the neighborhood. His only friend is Shaun Kelly. So, when his parents ask him to spend time with Naomi Kirshenbaum, he's horrified. Naomi is crazy. She escaped from the Nazis in France. She doesn't talk, she's scared of everything, and she spends all her time tearing pieces of paper to shreds. What will Shaun say when he finds out Alan is s...
Kelly 'n' Me
Fifteen-year-old Anthony Milano spends his summer playing his guitar in Central Park trying to earn enough money to help his alcoholic mother keep their run-down apartment. One August afternoon he meets Kelly Callahan, a beautiful young street performer with an incredible voice. The two form a successful singing act and soon fall in love. But when Kelly reveals she plans to run away to San Francisco to escape her controlling parents, her need to leave...