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A Dying Art
Berkley, Jul 2001, 21.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0425179516 No one could ever have as lousy a day as art teacher Maggie Keane is having unless they just dropped dead or were run over by a semi. She burned her toast twice, tripped over a lamp stubbing her toe and breaking half the nail, and her toilet is backed up nothing seems to be wrong with the indoor pipes. The capable plumber checks the septic tank only to find someone having a worse day than M...
An Opening For Murder
Berkley, July 2002, 22.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0425184935 After years of study and working hard, Sculptor Maggie Kean is finally having a showing at the prestigious opening The Outlook. Her significant other, homicide detective Sam Villari is accompanying her, much to her chagrin because she doesn't want to feel too much for him or any man, but the police officer is nothing if persistent. The gallery's manager wants Maggie to mingle but instead she esca...