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Flash Point
Perseverance Press, Oct 2002, 13.95, 216 pp. ISBN 1880284561 Susan Kim Delancey is the Governor's Special Assistant for Arson Investigations, a political appointment that has her serve as liaison with all the counties in California. Right now she is investigating a series of arson homicides that have taken place in Sausalito, San Francisco, Daily City and San Vincente. She is trying to find out if the same person is responsible for the four inc...
Five Star, Dec 2003, 25.95, 257 pp. ISBN: 1594140766 In Carmel, California Annabel Nettleon is considering divorcing her husband Dylan, whose behavior has been abrupt and nasty since they married. Discreet investigator Jeff Link visits Annabel asking for Dylan, who is away on business. He informs her that Dylan is the missing grandson and solo heir of a dying person worth $40 million. She tells Dylan about the visit, but instead of feeling ela...