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A Girl Named Disaster
This amazing adventure story is about a girl named Nhamo who must escape to Zimbabwe, to live with her father, and to get away from a horrible marriage to a cruel man. From page one to the end Nhamo keeps the reader in suspense because of the many "life or death" situations!...
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm
The book, The Ear, The Eye and The Arm is about three privileged children and their adventures in the large futuristic city of Harare, Zimbabwe. These children, Tendai, Rita and Kuda are the sons and daughter of the prominent military figure, Amadeus Matsika. They live in a virtual palace and are protected with the most technologically advanced security systems in the world. Their father, having seen what can happen to children on the streets of Harare, ...
The House of Scorpions
Matteo (Matt) Alacran is a clone of El Patron, lord of a strip of land called Opium. He is disliked by everyone living on the estate, which is made of El Patron's "power-hungry" family. El Patron is the only ones who care for Matt at first, but eventually he befriends a girl named Maria. After growing up with his motherly caretaker in a cabin far from the main mansion, Matt one day discovered the mansion, and a mean maid kept him there in a room f...