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Pearl Harbor 1941
After her fiance dies in a fire, Bekah travels to San Francisco to train as a nurse. She returns to Hawaii as America is preparing for a possible entry into World War 2, to fufill her obligation of marrying her dead fiance's brother. Instead, she finds herself falling in love with a sailor stationed at Pearl Harbor....
The Book of Fours
This book is based on the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." An ancient, mythical being called The Gatherer is attacking Sunnydale with a barrage of natural disasters - fires, floods, storms, and earthquakes. Buffy and Faith must enlist the help of Kendra and India (from beyond the grave) and friends and family on Earth to defeat it. The entire world is in danger, but Buffy and friends are there to fight it with a mixture of magic, intelligence, and p...