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Grail Prince
Del Rey, Jan 2003, 14.95, 528 pp. ISBN 0345456483 Galahad, the oldest son of Lancelot knows his father loves King Arthur's spouse Queen Guenivevre. Galahad also realizes that his weak mother despises her husband, but does nothing except rant to her children. Still he loathes his sire for giving his heart to the wrong person. He concludes that women are feeble and deceitful and vows to avoid all females, preferring abstinence to a woman's wile...
Prince of Dreams
Del Rey, Jan 2004, 14.95, 432 pp. ISBN: 0345456505 The High King of Britain Markion sends his nephew Tristan to escort his newly betrothed Princess Essylte, daughter of King Percival of Gwynedd, back to him so she can become his High Queen in Tintagel. The marriage is a political union of the two most powerful families on the isles and surely will lead to a lasting prosperous peace for all with their children ruling for eternity. When Tristan...