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Mad Cow Nightmare
St. Martin's, Apr 2005, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0312331339 Nola is recovering from brain surgery in a Toronto hospital when her significant other Ritchie forces her to leave and go to Ruth Wilmarth's Upstate New York dairy farm to talk to his brother. Darren. Apparently Darren has left his Uncle Tormey's Tonawanda farm to work as a hired hand for the summer at Ruth's spread. Nola left the hospital without being released and a patient died there ...
Stolen Honey
Dunne, May 2002, 23.95, 257 pp. ISBN: 0312262450 Though she dislikes frats, Donna Woodleaf accompanies her friend Emily Willmarth to a final fling as Branbury College is shutting down any fraternity that refuses to go coed. That night baseball star Shep Noble takes Donna home, but tries to rape her. However, the Donna's "experience” turns even uglier by the next morning when Shep is found dead on the Woodleaf grounds. The police make inquiries...