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Love in a Cold Climate
Like her previous novel, The Pursuit of Love, this story is told from the point of view of Fanny Radlett, the niece of an aristocratic British family. From her position just inside the highest circle of society, she observes the intrigues of the rich and royal. Love in a Cold Climate focuses on the love life of young heiress Polly Hampton, a friend and neighbor of the Radletts. Having recently returned from India with her parents, Lord and Lady Mont...
The Pursuit of Love
This story of the eccentric British Radlett family is narrated by niece Fanny, who is intimate enough to know all of their secrets, but just distant enough for some objectivity. The Radletts are among the landed aristocracy and their ancestral manor in the Cotswolds is home to blustering Uncle Matthew, dippy Aunt Sadie, a few rebellious boys and several undereducated but very "cultured" girls. The story focuses on Linda, the passionate, spontaneous mid...