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Drive Me Crazy
Duncan Forbes, an art history professor and sleuth for stolen art works, is on the search for a Van Gogh painting stolen by the Nazis. His information leads him to the small town of Swiftcurrent, Oregon where he meets the town's librarian, Alexandra Forrest. With her sexy clothes and enticing body, Alex is like no librarian Duncan has ever seen before. She also happens to be the granddaughter of Frank Forrest, the art dealer Duncan was looking to mee...
Turn Left at Sanity
Emmylou Sargent runs a bed and breakfast in a small town in Idaho. The town is populated by many harmless but eccentric characters who used to be patients at a sanitorium for the insane. Emmylou hardly gets any business and spends most of her time trying to look after her grandmother and aunt, both of whom used to work in a brothel and spend most of their time talking about sex. Handsome and ambitious businessman, Joe Moncrief, arrives from New Yo...