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Blood of Tyrants
Blood of Tyrants takes place during the Napoleonic Wars and is about a British captain in the Aerial Corps who fights Napoleon's armies around the world from dragon back. Blood of Tyrants is the eighth book in the Temeraire series. The main character is Captain William Laurence, a former ship's captain in the British Royal Navy who, after harnessing a newly hatched dragon, joins the officers of the British Aerial Corps and their dragons to battle the se...
Crucible of Gold - Temeraire 7
Crucible of Gold is about a British captain and his dragon who travel to South America to preserve existing alliances and establish new ones for the British crown. Crucible of Gold is the seventh book in the Temeraire series, which takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. The main character is William Laurence, a former captain in the British Royal Navy and companion to a rare Chinese Celestial dragon named Temeraire. The previous book, Tongues of Serpe...
His Majesty's Dragon
Will Laurence is a captain in the British Navy. Britain is currently at war with Napoleon and France. When his ship captures a French warship, they discover a dragon egg on board. Their doctor says that the egg is close to hatching. Each country has its own dragon breeds and they jealously guard their breeding secrets. Britain is in desperate need of more fighting dragons, so Laurence arranges to have one of his crew members bond with the dragon whe...