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Jephte's Daughter
Batsheva is a beautiful Jewish princess. When only eighteen, her father informs her that it's her duty get married, and introduces her to Isaac Harshen, a Jewish scholar who lives in Jerusalem. Isaac wants to marry her for her money and for the fact that he's marrying into the great Ha-Levi family. Batsheva isn't sure, but has no one to really talk to since her father is all for the marriage, and her mother allows her husband to treat her like a child...
Dinah is growing up as part of an ultra-religious Jewish community. She is married to Judah in an arranged marriage and feels some disdain for him because he is only a carpenter. When her mother passes away, her longings get the better of her and she embarks on a hidden and deeply guilty semi-affair with another man. She is found out by the religious 'morality patrol' and ordered to leave the only world she knows in Jerusalem for New York. She lives ...