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Stealing for a Living
HarperCollins, Jun 2003, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0060199369 Though she raises a toddler and is dealing with her teenage son arrested for shoplifting, Emma Price knows that her time in Brooklyn as a single mother feels like heaven compared to her current assignment as a New York City Capital Defender's Office investigator. Emma is to uncover anything that will enable Roland Everett to avoid the obvious death penalty. When his injury compensation cl...
The One That Got Away
HarperCollins, Aug 2001, 24.00 ISBN: 0060199385 At forty Emma Price is pregnant but far from happy as she knows she is in trouble. Her film-making husband wants to end their marriage and her son Liam has been acting up lately. On the positive side, her former boss Dawn Prescott wants her back to work as an investigator in the New York's capital defender's office. She accepts the job though she has been away from the field for about a dozen...