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Keep Me Alive
St. Martin's, Oct 2004, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312335911 In London barrister Trish Maguire works with Antony Shelley as they represent a group of small food producers in a “no win, no fee” breach of contract civil suit against the ruthlessly run giant Furbishers Food supermarket chain. The clients insist the chain tendered profitable contracts that led to the firms over extending themselves, but that the supermarket giant acted in bad faith just ...
Prey to All
Trish Maguire joins the fight to free Deb Gibbert from a life sentence for the murder of her father. Having heard Deb's account of what happened the night her father died, Trish cannot believe she is a killer. But nearly everyone else thinks she is, including the QC who defended her in court. And Deb's two staunchest supporters, MP Malcolm Chaze and Trish's old frined, TV producer Anna Grayling, have their own, private reasons to want her free ... whe...