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Miss Lonelyhearts
Miss Lonelyhearts took the New York Post-Dispatch's advice-to-the-lovelorn column as a joke, but after doing it for a while he doesn't feel like laughing anymore. He caroms between painful conversations with his cynical editor/boss Shrike, the speakeasy, his fiancee and other women he seduces or who try to seduce him, and the pain of lost souls who write to him for salvation. Modern life and capitalism eat away at the souls of West's characters just as t...
The Day of the Locust
Tod Hackett desires the unattainable Faye and experiences the problems his violent passion for her brings about in 1930's Hollywood. Tod Hackett is a graduate of Yale who works as a costume and set designer in Hollywood. Despite his work in the film industry, he finds most of the people he meets very phony and he dreams of painting an epic piece called "The Burning of Los Angeles" featuring representations of the poor midwesterners who immigrate to fight...