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Neil Simon tells the heartwarming and often poignant story of growing up in a Jewish family in New York. Remarkably, his skill lies in writing radio and television scripts, though this is not a job description his parents would have predicted for him. Neil's brother is also a talented wordsmith and between the two of them, they make a snappy team in the early days of television in the 1950's. Their television scripts are a big hit, though they are pai...
The Sunshine Boys
Willy Clark and Al Lewis were partners in a vaudeville act. One day Al decided to retire, and Willy has held it against him ever since. As the play opens Willy's nephew has gotten them an opportunity to do one of their old skits if they will work together again. Willy agrees to see Al, and reluctantly they decide to work together one more time doing their famous doctor skit. But when they actually do it, they get into an argument and Willy collapses ...