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A Crossword to Die For
Berkley, July 2002, 13.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 0425184794 Although her father, renowned anthropologist Theodore A. Graham, didn't show up for his daughter's wedding to P.I. Rosco Polycrates, he is on his way to visit them now. When Belle arrives at the Newcastle, Massachusetts train station her father is nowhere to be found. It is only later that she learns he died aboard the train apparently of a heart attack. When she goes down to Florida to clos...
Anatomy of a Crossword
Berkley, July 2004, 13.00, 320 pp. ISBN 0425196208 Screen writer Chick Darlessen inherits the estate of his beloved uncle Bartann Welner. Besides one million dollars that the deceased won on the television show Down & Across, Chick also won a screenplay. Apparently his uncle wrote called Anatomy of a Crossword based on a homicide case that Newcastle, Massachusetts resident Belle Graham, a puzzle constructor with syndicated crosswords across the...
Corpus De Crossword
Berkley, July 2003, 13.00, 320 ISBN 0425190218 The small rural town of Taneysville in Massachusetts is usually a very quiet place but the residents are now in an uproar over outsider Alex Gordon buying the Quiqley farmhouse. The xenophobic townsfolk's don't want an outsider moving in and building more structures on the property. Members of the Trinity Church vestry are afraid the construction equipment will damage the structure of the church an...
Wrapped Up In Crosswords
Berkley, Nov 2004, 9.95, 160 pp. ISBN 0425199745 Christmas is right around the corner and crossword puzzle construction guru Belle Graham and her husband Private Investigator Roscoe Polycrates are getting into the holiday spirit. Roscoe is a little concerned that three dangerous men broke out of a Boston Prison and might be heading for his hometown Newcastle. Roscoe and his two policemen friends are dressed in Santa suits collecting children's ...

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