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Artists in Crime
Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn is called in to investigate the death of artist's model Sonia Gluck, inadvertently impaled on a dagger while posing for a group of student artists. A complication is that the organizer is Agatha Troy who Alleyn recently met and is attracted to. Alleyn and his faithful collegue "Brer" Fox must look into the lives of the victim and the artists in order to solve this brutal murder of a beautiful but amoral woman. ...
Clutch of Constables
On a whim, artist Troy Alleyn, wife of the famous inspector Roderick Alleyn, decides to take a relaxing 5-day boat ride up the river on a pleasure craft called "The Zodiac." She soon discovers several eccecentric personalites among her fellow passangers ... but little does she realize that one is also diabolical murderer who will stop at nothing to accomplish his plans. This mystery will keep you guessing right up to the last chapter!...