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48 Shades of Brown
When Dan's parents move to Geneva, they leave him in Australia to finish his final year of high school. Dan chooses to move in with his 22-year old bass playing aunt, Jacq, and her housemate Naomi. Right from the start Dan feels like a little school boy thrown into the cool world of students. Completely out of his comfort zone Dan forces himself to choke down a beer, do his own laundry and even watch television with all the lights off! In this ne...
Perfect Skin
Jon Marshall, a thirty-something dermatologist, is back in the dating scene after his wife dies giving birth to their daughter, Lily AKA "the bean". Jon has to cope with being a single Dad, dating mishaps, getting into shape, work, and computer problems. This book is comical and alternates between caracture dialog and Jon's internal monolog. There are two suitors for Jon. One is a co-worker's sister, Katie, who thinks their relationship is more than ...