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A Long Way Down
One New Year's Eve, four strangers meet each other on a rooftop, where each has gone to kill himself. This is the premise of "A Long Way Down", a book which turns out to be a comedy. JJ is a failed American rock star, Jess a somewhat psychotic teenager, Maureen a middle-aged women with a disabled son, and Martin a disgraced talk show host. On the rooftop, all eventually agree to come down and help Jess find her ex-boyfriend, Chas. The unlikely fo...
About a Boy
Nick Hornby's “About a boy” is a gentle story that centers around the developing relationship between Marcus, a twelve-year-old boy trapped in a forty-year-old mind, and Will, a 36-year-old philanderer with the emotional development of a teenager. As their relationship progresses, Will helps Marcus enjoy life while he comes to terms with a family crisis, while Marcus helps will deal with his commitment phobia. ...
Fever Pitch
Nick Hornby chronicles his life, growing up in a single parent family, his struggles to make it as a writer and his obsession with soccer. Individual games are used as a marker as Hornby recalls moments in his life from childhood to early 30's....
High Fidelity
Rob keeps the company of his fellow workers in the record shop and is consumed by his top-five lists of songs, albums, and movies for every situation. His girlfriend has just left him, and he tries a fling with a recording artist. But after seeing his old girlfriend, he mulls over his memories of her and rethinks their breakup, wanting to win her back....

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How to be Good
Katie Carr is a good person. She is a doctor. She loves and finanically supports her family. Yet, Katie is unhappy with her husband. David is "The Angriest Man in Holloway" and his cynical view of life has worn Katie down. But amazingly, when David meets a guru, he becomes a Good Person. David is now a "give-your-computers,-toys,-money-and-food-to-the-less-fortunate", "happy-go-lucky" good person and Katie can no longer stand to be around him. But ...

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