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How To Fight Back
The best-seller 'Run, Baby, Run' tells the life of Nicky Cruz as a switchblade-wielding gang leader in the slums of New York, who found Jesus through the preacher David Wilkerson (a story also told in 'The Cross and the Switchblade'). In this book, published in 1991, he tells of his more recent experiences, preaching and evangelising in America and Europe. He details the personal tragedies and triumphs of many young people and families, who wrestle with ...
Run Baby Run
Nicky Cruz is a violent, out-of-control young boy who is sent to New York to live with his older brother in 1950's Brooklyn. A Puerto Rican immigrant with no respect for authority or any knowledge of the English language, Nicky drops out of school within weeks of arriving in New York and is driven out of his brothers' home as well. Nicky finds himself desperate with no food or a place to live, and he nervously commits his first robbery to survive. O...