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The Blanchland Secret
Miss Sarah Sheridan lived a quiet life as a companion to her cousin. But her family's lawyer, Mr. Churchward, gives her a letter from her deceased brother about his daughter, who she never knew about. The letter explains that since he is now dead, his daughter is in need of help and he wants Sarah to do that. The letter also says that Olivia, her niece, is living near Blanchland, the old family home. However, the family home, is no longer respectable and...
The Earl's Prize
Joss Tallant, estranged from his parents, grew up believing in his parents' adage that love was for fools. He lives a rakish lifestyle of gambling and womanizing in London. He encounters Amy Bainbridge, who is part of an impoverished family of compulsive gamblers, during a card game with her brother and his cronies. He loses a lottery ticket during the course of the game, which is later found by the sanctimonious and moralizing Amy. Amy goes to the ...