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Beauty in Black
Berkley, Jun 2004, 6.99, 336 ISBN: 0425196836 In 1817, Lord John Sinclair knows he needs a wife so he can begat an heir, but knows his scarred face caused by smallpox as a child frightens children. Though he would prefer not to, the reclusive John needs the help of his estranged brother and surprisingly his new sister-in-law supports not only reconciliation but assisting John. With her mom pregnant, Louisa Crookshanks coaxes her widowed Aunt ...
Lady In Waiting
Jove, May 2002, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0515132926 By 1822, Circe Hill feels her unrequited love for David Lydford will remain one sided though she has wished seemingly forever otherwise. However, David needs to court someone as a disguise to hide a dangerous diplomatic mission he performs so he rationalizes that Circe because of her perfect lineage and unquestionable respectability is the one. However, he really selects Circe because to him she wi...
Widow in Scarlet
Lucy Contrain's husband died a year ago in an accident, leaving her with a lot of debt she has no hope to pay off on her own. Left with one maid (and that's because the girl refuses to leave) and an empty pantry, Lucy must depend on the kindness of others to make it through the day. She attends the Countess of Sealy's weekly salon and is fortunate enough to be given some of the countess's old clothes to wear. But when Lucy finds a note stuck to her door,...