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A Cup of Light
Lia Frank, 32, is an appraiser of fine Chinese porcelain. When word of a potentially big sale quietly reaches her employer, she flies to Beijing to examine what could be a multimillion dollar collection of imperial ceramics. At the same time, an up and coming "ah chan" (Chinese smuggler of real and fake art) named Bai is scheming to get the huge shipment safely over the border to Hong Kong, on its way to the ultimate buyer in Oregon. While on the job, Li...
Lost in Translation
Alice Mannegan, a native of Houston and daughter of a racist southern Congressman, fled her past by becoming a translator in China. Her latest job is to translate for an archaeological expedition into northwest China and Mongolia in search of the lost bones of Peking Man -- first discovered in the 1920s by French priest and scientist Teilhard de Chardin and lost during the Second World War. Although the divorced American scientist Adam Spencer is a nice ...