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No Cafes in Narnia
13-year-old Heather Blake is forced to move to a new school after the death of her grandfather and the subsequent depression of her mother. In this sequel to Tarragon Island, Heather's deals with making new friends and helping to solve a mystery related to some stolen stamps, while also struggling to understand her mother's depression. Though she joins a writers group and often thinks of herself in the third person, narrating her own life as “Writer Girl...
Rebel of Dark Creek
Horse crazy Jessa eats, dreams and sleeps horses. But how can she and her mother afford a pony? Lots of horsey action as Jessa learns to work for Rebel's room and board. Peer groups and Canadian themes - the first in the StableMates series of horse novels for 8-12 year old horse lovers. ...
Tarragon Island
This is a fabulouse story of a young girl trying to find her place on Tarragon Island, she is an aspiring writer that just moved from Toronto. She doesn't like their new home and is trying to save money to go back to Toronto, she is soon dicouraged by her experiences on Tarragon Island......