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Changing the Rules
Changing the Riles St. Martin's, Oct 2003, 6.50, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312986238 In San Diego La Beau Monde magazine editor, Marcel Templeton rushes to meet her best friend Tracy for lunch. She uses the shoulder to get around someone waiting for a light to change. He turns right legally and crashes into her car. No one is hurt and the damage minor. Ian Michaels asks Macel out, but she refuses. Unable to resist, Ian follows Marcel to the Versailles...
Hopelessly Devoted
While working in Los Angeles as a Web Designer for wealthy businessman Sam Winters, Rosalind Carmichael is floored when her boss pops the question out of the blue. Rosalind has no intention of marrying the opiniated, chauvanistic millionaire and she refuses his strange proposal. Six years later Rosalind is living in New Jersey and facing a crisis involving her younger brother Tony. Tony has "borrowed" $200,000, with no hopes of repaying the money to t...