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NOMAD/Y: The Moon Base Project
Rae and Ken are senior investigators with the General Accounting Office. In 1993, during a routine investigation of the Apollo Program, Ken discovers that four Marine Astronauts had left the program on the same day, never to be seen again. Records indicate they were sent to a clandestine base in Southeast Asia called NOMAD/Y. Then Ken sees a film taken on the Moon which briefly shows the first letter of an Astronaut's identification patch to be X. The on...
The Doorstep of Depravity
Grace O'Higgins is a young solo attorney in Syracuse, NY. Kay, a new client, has been referred to her with an unusual problem. Kay has to prove that she is married in order to inherit millions of dollars from the estate of her late uncle. Kay is a disheveled single graduate student in chemistry. She has no prospects. She has no money. She has a month. Kay's two wealthy cousins have hired the best firm in town to prevent her from inheriting the bulk of th...