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Dancing Shoes
Dancing Shoes follows the ups and downs of two orphan girls in a dance school. Rachel Lennox, a sensitive, thoughtful 10 year old, whose world changes abruptly after her mother's unexpected death. Rachel and her adopted sister Hilary go live with their aunt, Cora Wintle, who runs a dancing school in London. Hilary was to audition for the Royal Ballet School but Aunt Cora wants her to be in one of her Little Wonders dance troupes instead. The sisters h...
Theater Shoes
Sorrel, Mark, and Holly enter the exciting new world of theater and become the newest branches of the well-known Warren family tree. After their father goes missing in WWII, siblings Sorrel, Mark, and Holly Forbes move to their grandmother's large but shabby house in London. Their grandmother is the matriarch of the well-known, prestigious Warren family, all of whom are actors and actresses. She enrolls the children in a Dancing School and they receive...