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Hester Roon
Hester Roon is the illegitimate daughter of Ellie Roon. Ellie is a maid at The Fleece which is an inn for paying guests. Ellie loves her daughter very much and gets involved in a life of crime so that Hester can have a better life. In the end, Ellie commits suicide and the manager of The Fleece lords it over Hester, forcing her to overwork and become a drudge. When the master of the inn decides to make Hester his mistress, Hester runs away from the...
Scent of Cloves
A beautiful, orphaned Englishwoman is groomed to become a Bride for a Dutch Indies Plantation owner's son. Arriving at the barbaric plantation of the man she married by proxy, she discovers she is to be a pawn in a complex intrigue....
The Concubine
Henry VIII is married to Katherine of Aragon. She has produced only one heir to the throne out of many pregnancies, a nearsighted girl named Mary. Henry begins to believe that God is judging his action of marrying his older brother's widow. The Catholic Church ruled that since Katherine vowed that the marriage to Henry's older brother was never consumated, she was free to marry Henry, her junior by several years. At first the couple were very much ...
The Lost Queen
Princess Caroline is sent to Denmark to marry the King, Christian. At first, Christian is very charming to her, but then for no good reason at all he starts to dislike her intensely. He mistreats her and makes life very hard for her in Denmark. Poor Caroline is bewildered. She is very young and doesn't know how to deal with her mentally retarded husband. Then Dr. Struensee becomes the King's physician. Caroline falls for him and the two become lo...

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