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Salvage of the Tatiana
Larry Miles leads a team of commercial divers on a mission in the North Sea to salvage a sunken freighter. Hired by an oil company, the dive team's objective is to inspect the ship, raise any valuable cargo, then use explosives to blast the ship apart and salvage the scrap metal. The divers find Russian cruise missiles in the ship, and find themselves battling an international arms smuggler who is equipped with the latest in underwater high-technology d...
Soul of the Algorithm
Andrew Lee, on the verge of inventing a quantum computer, tries to find his father's killer. He agrees to team with a woman who claims to be an international police agent investigating a money-laundering cartel. Lee agrees to plant data collecting software on various corporate computers, which are owned by companies believed to be members of the criminal cartel. As he travels to various exotic cities such as Honolulu, Manila, and Hong Kong, he discove...