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Adulthood Rites
Akin is a hybrid infant, part Oankali. He looka human, but can remember the womb, taste molecular structure and has poison with a touch. The resister humans hate the Oankali, but are dying out because they're sterile. They kidnap hybrid babies. Akin is thrust into their world of desperation, need, violence and pride. He can survive only by becoming LESS alien. He can help his new friends only by becoming MORE alien. Humanity's future depends on the...
This is the story of Dana Franklin, a black woman in 1976 suburban Los Angeles who is suddenly chronoported to an 1815 slave-holding plantation in Maryland. She has been called to save the son of the plantation master, her great-great-grandfather, Rufus Weylin. Somehow Rufus has the ability to summon Dana when he's in trouble and only a threat to her life can return her to the present. Over and over, at increasing risk, Dana is brought to the antebellum ...
Parable of the Sower
Lauren, a young hyperempathic woman, is driven from her home when the walled community in which she has grown is overrun by a disenfranchised strung-out mob who go on a spree of murder and mayhem. Separated from her family in the fray, Lauren and two other survivors from the carnage at their settlement set out on a cross-country trek north with the will to survive. ...
Parable of the Talents
The horrific acts that take place in the novel parallel the things that occur in our society daily. The only difference is that we have not yet reached the extremes that exist in Ms. Bulter's novel. However, the path that our law and policy makers are taking can lead directly to a world as terrifying as the one where Earthseed is "invented". What a frightening thought......

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Wild Seed
In 17th Century Africa, a being who can live forever by transferring his mind from one body to the next travels around the continent checking the "seed villages" it has set up over the years to breed other creatures like itself, possessed of "witch" powers beyond those of normal humans. In one of them it discovers a woman named Anyanwu, who is a shapeshifter and immortal just like him, but is a "wild seed" not related to him or his offspring. Anya...

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