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Cold Sassy Tree
Cold Sassy Tree deals with a young boy, Will. His best friend and Grandma both die in about a months span, through out the book he reminisces both. He experiences something out of the ordinary though, his newly widowed grandpa marries, the towns newest member, whom is also the towns young yankee woman. His grandpa is the talk of the town from then on, marrying such a woman who is young enough to be his daughter, and with a wife not even cold in her gr...
The Cold Sassy Tree
This story is of a young boy (Willis Tweedy). His grandmother dies. His grandfather (Enrouch Blakslee) owns a store in the center of town, and before Willis' grandmother is cold in her grave Enrouch marries a new woman (Love Simpson). As he is telling his family about him planning to get remarried, they all get mad because the woman is 20 something years younger then him and she is a Yankee. Enrouch begins to get sick, and Love has a big...