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Bad Boy
Dutton, Feb 2001, 24.95, 324 pp. ISBN: 052594558X Seattle Times newspaper columnist Tracie Higgins laments how she only loves BAD BOYS, modern James Dean types that give mothers cardiac arrest no matter how old you are. Her latest boyfriend is a loser, user, and abuser, but Tracie wants him anyway. Hi-tech genius Jonathan Delano is a good boy, a James Stewart who mothers want to adopt as their son. He does everything correctly for the good of ...
Dumping Billy
Kate Jameson is a single woman, who grew up in Brooklyn, but lives in New York. A psychologist at a school, she is looking for love, but spends most her time with her best friend Elliot, and his partner, Brice. The breakup of her best childhood friend, Bina, brings her two worlds together, and a plot to get Bina together with Dumping Billy is hatched. Billy dates a lot, but always dumps the girl, and unbelievably each one goes on to marry the next m...
Pen Pals
Jennifer, a player on Wall Street, accepts to take the fall for her boss when the SEC investigates the company she works for. Her fiance the company lawyer, has convinced her he can get her off easily. Unfortunately, she is convicted, and sent to the Jennings Correctional Facility for Women. A tough world for the designer clad loft dweller that Jennifer used to be on the outside. Inside, she meets, a group of women that become her friends, while she w...
Sylvia has been married to many year to her husband, Bob, but has been lacking passion in her marriage. When she finds out that her husband is having an affair with a woman who looks exactly like her, she approaches the other woman and hatches a plan for them to switch places. As each woman finds out what the other has been missing, they come to terms with what they must do with their lives....

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