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Fly Girl
Tracy is a young girl raised by very caring parents. Her father, though, has decided to live in a separate house. Even once her mother becomes pregnant with their second child, he still refuses to move back into the house. Tracy is growing up perhaps a little too fast. Her main interest is looking good and getting the boys to like her. She tries to get boys to fall for her and even uses sex to try and keep them. What she doesn't realize is that most o...
Flyy Girl
Tracy Ellis - the main character - is the sexiest thing around. She's spoiled, pretty, curvy, and at times conceited. She plays with people's emotions, lies, has sex at an early age, and occasionally gets beat up by her mother. She matures early in her admiration of men and gets invovled with the wrong ones at times - those who sell drugs and those who sleep around. But when she sees her role model shameful, drug addicted, and prostituting, she makes a r...
Just Say No
Darin Harmon and John Williams have been best friends forever. Darin wanted to be a football player while John wanted to go into music. As John becomes more successful, Darin begins to act as his manager. When Darin is injured, he joins John on a fulltime basis. At first things are good, but eventually Darin can't keep up with John's wild antics. John begins to smoke weed and sleep with lots of women. John, or Loverboy as he is more commonly known, i...

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