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My Name is Red
The story takes place in 16th century Turkey. The Sultan wants to have the best illustrators in his realm illustrate a book. As the Sultan wants to impress his Western relations, he wants the book to be illustrated in a modern and western way. This is quite controversial and causes much discussion between the elder and more traditional illustrators, and those who want their style to evolve. Then one day, one of the miniaturists working on the manuscr...
Ka, a journalist and poet, becomes mixed up with a terrorist group and a political coup after arriving in the Turkish city of Kars to write a story about a spate of suicide among young Muslim girls. He has been in Germany for 12 years, and upon his return to Turkey, falls in love with a woman named Ipek, whose father owns the hotel that Ka is staying in. He investigates the suicides, and finds the girls are building a political movement against the Tu...
The Museum of Innocence
The Museum of Innocence is a story of a man's deep and obsessive love for a woman, that endures for decades, ultimately changing the course of his life. Although engaged to another woman, Kemal's chance encounter with a shop girl leads to a lifelong obsession. His love for her transcends all else and his own life loses meaning, as he clings desperately to any fragments of her he can get hold of. Kemal is a wealthy business man, from a highly regarded...