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The Canterville Ghost
This is a humorous story centred around The Canterville Ghost failing to terrorize the Otis family who has just moved in. Mr. Otis and his wealthy family move in to the Canterville House, despite the warnings from a friend saying it is haunted. Upon inspection, odd things continue to happen, such as a blood stain that reappears day after day, or spotting of the ghost. As the story continues, we not only see this relationship between the family and the gh...
The Importance of Being Earnest
Young Jack is known as two people, Ernest in the country (he poses as his brother) and Jack in the city. The plot becomes confusing when Jack and his best friend Algy are believed to have been courting the same women. Jack almost loses his lady love, since both of the girls are indignant at the deception the two men have played upon them....
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Artist Basil Hallward has painted a picture he considers his masterpiece, and much too good for the likes of the traditional Salon in Paris. No, he tells Lord Henry, this one he's keeping for himself, or possibly make a present of it to the blond young man who sat for the picture. The man portrayed is an orphaned society child named Dorian Gray. Later, when Dorian finishes sitting for the portrait, he makes a wish that he would stay per...