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My Secret Protector
Pocket, Jun 2003, 6.99, ISBN: 074341795X William MacAlpin prefers working as an emergency rescuer jumping into dangerous scenarios to rescue trapped firefighters than serving as a Protector. However, the Council, through his Uncle Gavin, orders William to make a critical leap in time to stop escapee Bartholomew from changing history. He says no until he learns that the Renegade time traveler plans to go back to the sixteenth century to kill Wil...
The Enchantment
Conor MacCloud returned from the Crusades a bitter and slightly broken man. Most of his fellow clansmen were dead and the small band that was left had barely escaped the vile dungeons of the East. Conor wanted nothing more than to return home and try to let his native Scotland heal his wounds. But Conor was not destined to have peace for quite some time. Conor returned home to his beloved Inverness, Scotland, but he returned to find his mad Uncle Simon r...
The Inscription
Modern day high school teacher Amber wakes up in medieval Scotland and finds herself in the middle of a battle between two immorta clans. She falls in love with the Laird of the Loch Ness and soon discovers a household of family she comes to adore. She learns their secrets and of a legend she seems to be a part of and has to decide if she can accept Lachlan, the laird, for what he is or if she will try to return to her own time, legend unfullfilled....