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Speak Softly, She Can Hear (Thriller/Action)
Simon & Schuster March 2005, 23.00 341 pp. ISBN 0743255399 In 1965 New York City Carole, an overweight shy student is determined to lose her virginity before she begins Vassar. Her best friend Naomi arranges for Carole to meet twenty-six year old Eddie in Vermont so he can teach her about sex. Carole gets very drunk so that when Rita appears for a menage a trois she does it. Carole remembers little except that Rita is dead and Eddie claims she...
Speak Softly, She Can Hear (Literature)
Carole Mason and her best friend Naomi make an agreement to both lose their virginity before they graduate from the prestigious Spence School in New York City, in 1965. When they are in Vermont on a ski vacation, Naomi sets things up for Carole to meet with Eddie, a 26 year old actor and college drop-out. Carole gets what she wanted, having sex with Eddie, but never expected Rita Boudreau to enter the scene. Rita unexpectedly dies after having sex with E...